My first one.  About 450,000 bikes there.  A real happening.  Many things I saw I wouldn't want on my web site!

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Unloading bikes.

Most of Harley Riders trailer their bikes to Sturgis.

On the porch with a cool one.

We rented a house in Belle Fourche.

Wash up the Bike.

All are big on cleaning the 'hog'.

Even the BMW is washed.

There is still a lot of bugs in South Dakota.

Wipe down.

Spray on bike wash, rinse and wipe the spots off dry.

Susie in leather.

Good protection, but not the 'bad' look with a helmet.

Sylvan Lake.

Yeah, I'm a geek on a beemer. The 'bad' people all stared at me.

Lap dance.

Parked outside Trevino's Leather. Great stuff there.

Picking the teeth.

Nothing really in there. But looks cool.

Cockatoo on his shoulder.

He came riding in to Sturgis with the bird on his shoulder. He said the bird always rides with him...even at speed!

Custom hog.

These V 8's were for sale. Pretty, not sure how practical.

Mainstreet Sturgis.

Ride up one side and down the other. Find a place to park and watch some one else do it.

Parade of bikes.

A lot of trikes, customs, and just strange contraptions there.


These are some of the main attractions. The girl behind the better endowed girl has no top...only paint.

Best dressed nothing.

A lot of this stuff. Takes a good body to wear it.

Best dressed behind.

I wonder how long it takes to get this on and off.

Chief *ss.

She rode up and down with this thong, occasionally lifting her butt off the seat to wringle and show. A little cellulite, but not bad.

Dungeon Bar, back.

A couple of our group having suds.

Rick in good form.

You have to work at it.

Jaxs Beach.

They bring the seafood up from Florida. Lots to eat and sample at Sturgis. Jaxs was top drawer...gator meat.

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