I have long thought that motorcycles were the instruments of the devil.  Being a head and neck surgeon, I've seen first hand what happens to the human body when the latent energy of the transported body is transferred into kinetic energy during a "get-off".  The basic rule is: if you fall off a motorcycle, you are going to get hurt.  I always wear protection...and lots of it!  I have nothing against the 'bad' biker look.  But if you fall off at speed looking like that, you won't look the same again.  If you are lucky, you will just be disfigured or maimed.  If unlucky, we can always salvage some of your parts.  Motorcyclists are usually very healthy, so carry a donor card.  I do.  Remember it is a walk on the wild side...and a total blast!

bulletBMW Motorcycles: Sorry Harley people, I ride a K-1200LTC with Susie. I used to ride the K-1200RS around town, and did some shorter trips.  I had a get-off on that one, and now I am down to the big touring machine.  Cover ground quickly and comfortably!  A 400 to 500 mile day on a K-1200LT, "two up", is a good comfortable ride.  I have extra lighting, but the HID conversion is the best.  Other wise stock except for the Behr communications set.  Always buy the best, soft compound tires.  They wear faster, but grip the road well.  Remember, you only have 2 of them, not 4.  If you lose the front, you're going down!
bullet Harley Davidson: For those who must have one.  Harley people always know where all the dealers are. A thing with them, as I don't think BMW riders know that.
bulletYou need PROTECTION.  Ideally: heavy skid proof outerwear, padding or armor, gloves, over ankle boots and the HELMET!
bulletAerostitch:  I wear the 1 piece Roadcrafter around town.  Susie wears the Darien.  BMW Gortex boots for touring.
bulletCycleport (used to be Motoport):  When it is hot, I wear the Kevlar Ultra II jacket and pants.  Great for touring.  Wear light rainwear under it, & over your Gerbings.
bulletLanglitz: Ultimate leather, in my opinion.  I wear the goatskin Padded Pocket Columbia, full zip Westerns, and WESCO boots.  Premium stuff.  If you get on the waiting list, you may wait a year until ordering.  I did, and it was well worth it.  The best!
bulletHelmets: Shoei, Syncrotec for touring, X series (full face) when I'm feeling crazy.  The Arai Quantum for comfort and winter.
bulletGerbing: A full suit, socks, & gloves under your leather with a silk balaclava will take you anywhere the pavement will allow.
bulletHeat-Troller: You got to have this.  I use the portable with Velcro.  Beware, if you burn out one, Mr. Coan of Heat-Troller will want you to prove it was not operator error, or shorted out clothing.  My experience is that if you burn out a unit, your warranty is really no good.  Unless you can figure out the reason...which I couldn't.  I notice that Gerbing now has their own controller...which doesn't look like a Heat-Troller.  The Heat-Trollers I use now are serving me well.
bulletInternet BMW Riders:  All you will need to know, or need a link to know, for riding a BMW is right here. 

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