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Welcome to our Web site!

We never had a reason for a site.  Really don't have a reason now, except that with a cable modem it seemed like the thing to do.  Mostly, you will find links to the things we think are fun.  All our opinion, and that's all it is.  Outside of the family intricacies, you may find some of them useful!

Favorite Links

My Personal Weather Station

Rainwise MK-III RTI-LR Wireless Station!  Why get weather from an airport 12 miles away; when you can get it here, where you live, in real time?

bulletSioux City
bulletSiouxland Cyclists
bulletRiding Schedule for 2014
bulletImagery Links, Local Radar
bulletCurrent Seedling of the Sioux City Garden Club
bulletGreen Thumb Sale Flyer
bulletBrent Adam's Family
bulletBrad Jones' Web Page-some day
bulletKnitAddictions.com- If knitting is your thing, here is Emma's Master Knitting Site.
bulletViersco.com or Black Diamond Rifles
bulletCowboy Dave

bulletNational Weather Service
bulletUnisys Weather
bulletThe Weather Channel


Photo Album

For a few random pictures of our family and friends.

New Stuff To See!

<<Click on the thumbnail or webcam 1 link to see the live backyard picture.

See more photos under Interests.

 Grand Champion Bartzella 
bulletATV Trip to Wyoming, July, 2006
bullet Mom's 90th Birthday Party, July 8th, 2006
bullet Rob & Carol Visit, July, 2006
bullet RAGBRAI 2006 virtual directory
bullet CanyonLands Back Country Weekend, Moab 4-07
bullet White Rim Tour, Canyonlands Park, Moab 4-07
bullet Am. Peony Society Nat'l Conv '07.  I won 2 "Court of Honor" ribbons for peonies...a surprise!
bullet Eastern Iowa Garden Tours, June 2007
bulletVirtual Directory of RAGBRAI 2007
bulletRAGBRAI 08 Virtual Directory
bullet Challenger #3985 Steam Locomotive 10-1-08
bulletWabash Trace Bike Ride 10-5-08
bullet Thanksgiving_08
bulletJohn Muir Trail, 2009, Pictures Virtual Directory.  Unedited.  JMT '06 web page

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